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Rüdinger Sea Freight: We Take Care ... Even if You Only Export Occasionally


Rüdinger specializes in the subject of sea freight: we are the perfect partner for companies, even if you are not – or not yet – a global player in exporting goods. That is, so to speak, if your company is sending small quantities of goods via sea freight overseas.


If your enterprise has a daily need of air cargo, sea freight, and customs service, please click here. However, if you just export or import occasionally, or you are in the process of exporting beyond the European market, then Rüdinger Freight Forwarder would love to counsel you with their experts. For us, you are as important, as the big players in the market.


Regarding sea freight, Rüdinger offers a unique additional service: For enterprises that have the challenge of dealing with sea freight for the first time, we can guide them and handle all the details that come with the process. In particular, if small quantities are involved in a first-time adventure to service a market, almost every company without support faces a disproportional amount of work. Our four specialists can help with this.


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Our Service: Understandable Information


Rüdinger is a truck company in its third generation and is experienced in the world of intercontinental shipping options. That is why we offer you a service which no other freight forwarder highlights so explicitly: we make your wishes come true – whether it is air cargo or sea freight – without the need for you to become an "expert for shipping goods on the high seas." We are the perfect partner when you are a) just ship goods overseas now and then, b) you want to know that your small quantities are handled as reliably as tons of goods via sea freight, c) currently just using the roads of your homeland, but you want to extend your destinations in the future. Finally, we want to be the perfect partner when you order goods in Germany. In all four sections, we want to assist you by changing your wishes into practical terms. Then we will handle it after that. It is about the USP, which the Rüdinger Truck Company offers in the subject of sea freight. All truck companies transport, store and claim to be experts in both air cargo, sea freight and as well providing customs services. Rüdinger is different compared to its competition. And it has the obligation of proof. When you have an interest in a specialized partner that will transport your valuable goods via air cargo and sea freight around the world, this website is an answer to your search. Here we will meet and address your requirements on the internet, with solutions to challenges and expert knowledge.




On any phase of the trip if it's via sea freight or via air cargo  we pick up your goods at the airport or the harbor and transport them to Krautheim: Piece goods, grouped goods, long goods and much more specific merchandise. Machines, however ... is what we love to transport most. Plus we pick up goods for you, for example, replacement parts at German companies: In Munich, in Hamburg, and in every German city. Plus, we pick up goods in neighboring Europe. And we transport them to Hamburg, to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp, the so-called ARA-ports.




Destination Hamburg: Your goods, our trucks ... sea freight with Rüdinger.




Did you know, that the Rüdinger Truck Company is the market leader in Europe when it comes to transporting machinery by owner-owned freight forwarders? We offer huge experience with our third owner generation, we are developing the next low-load tarp curtain trucks together with the truck industry, and we transport machines with passion. However: Whether it is air cargo or sea freight from or to Australia, America or Asia or transportation of valuable machines and valuable goods all over Europe, or services right in front of our doorin Hohenlohe in Southern Germanywe are always accurate and reliable.


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Hamburg: Germany's gate to the World ... of course, we handle sea freight via the third-largest harbor in Europe.



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Hamburg, the first station for your goods, when they arrive – by sea freight – in Germany. Plus, it is the last place in Germany when replacement parts for your company leave Germany.


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However, your merchandise may enter Europe via Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp too, for instance.



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With Rüdinger you just don't hope, that your sea freight will arrive well. You know it.


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Hong Kong, one destination of many: Sea freight with Rüdinger, Krautheim, the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Your expert also for small quantities, for occasional orders and especially if you have big plans in terms of import or export and want to implement them.


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