Air Cargo with Ruedinger: We Care ... and We Do that with Small Quantities Too!

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Ruedinger is the specialist for air cargo: We are the perfect partner for companies, even if they are not yet global players in the world wide market. That is to say, if your company sends goods of low or moderate quantity via air cargo to Germany.

If you are sending goods for the first time or if you only send minor or moderate quantities of merchandise to Germany, the Ruedinger Truck Company's experts will assist you. For us, you as a client are as important as the very big ones in every industry are.


If your company is an enterprise with a daily need of sea freight, air cargo or in customs services, please click here.

Your Contact Partners in the Subject of Air Cargo

Our four experts are ready to assist you in our International Forwarding Department: For your questions plus to handle your orders. 


Herr Vasilios Papavramidis


Mr. Vasilios Papavramidis is working in the international Logistic since 1995 and joined the Rüdinger Team in 2015.


Telephone: +49 - 62 94 / 908 - 186

vasilios.papavramidis (at)

Mrs. Lisa Kappes


Mrs. Lisa Kappes is a forwarding merchant and the company expert for air cargo, sea freight plus customs service. She is looking forward to your call.

Telephone: +49 - (0) 62 94 / 908 - 62

lisa.kappes (at)

Mr. Mario Appel


Mr. Mario Appel is the qualified representative for all questions regarding air cargo, sea freight and customs services. Mario Appel is a forwarding merchant. He too is looking forward to a first contact with you, as well as every following contact.

Telephone: +49 - (0) 62 94 / 908-32

mario.appel (at)

Mrs. Martina Kainz


Mrs. Martina Kainz is the Ruedinger Truck Company's spcialist for air cargo and sea freight plus customs services. She would be happy to support you as early as you need in your scheduling.

Telephone: +49 - (0) 62 94 / 908 + 48

martina.kainz (at)

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It goes without saying that we pick up your air freight as well from Munich, London, Paris or Amsterdam.

Our Service: Economical Information

We offer you - with our special service - cooperation, when you ship goods only once in a while or if you want to expand your offer overseas as a new distribution section. And we mean it seriously. That is to say we don't drown you with information here. In a conversation via telephone - with our support, expertise and this offer - you get to the point much more efficiently and you learn about the knowledge that you need right now.


If you are already experienced and you are looking for very special service criteria regarding air cargo, we can help with special data on a different page of this website. In that case, please click here.


The very first page of this website mirrors our philosophy, because the Ruedinger Truck Company is different compared to its competition. Read on this page between the lines. And that is true, if you are especially interested - aside from air cargo, sea freight and customs service - whether Ruedinger in Krautheim at the northern border of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg could be a strong partner and - most importantly - a reliable partner for your enterprise too.


Option and phase 1 of our air cargo service: We pick your goods or your machine up at the airport.



Option an phase 2: We repackage your goods, if you need that service.


Option and phase 3. Handling your air cargo goods. Ruedinger is experienced with the restrictive rules of handling customs.


Rüdinger Firmensitz / Ruedinger Headquarters

Rüdinger Spedition GmbH

Uferweg 12

74238 Krautheim

Telefon / Phone:

+49 - (0) 62 94 / 908 - 0

Telefax / Fax:

+49 - (0) 6294 / 9239



Airport Office (STR)

Building 605 Room 4321
70629 Stuttgart-Airport


Telefon / Phone:
+49 - (0)711 / 948-2290




Building 605 Room 4321
70629 Stuttgart-Airport


Telefon / Phone:
+49 - (0)711 / 948-2290




Zweigstelle Hamburg:


An den Birken 20

21266 Jesteburg


Telefon / Phone:
+49 (0) 4181 / 23 23 320




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