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Air Cargo XXL: Rüdinger Freight Forwarder's Service for Global Players


Regarding Air Cargo, Rüdinger offers two kinds of services. Companies that send goods around the globe every day have different requirements than middle-sized businesses and small companies, who may be sending goods for the first time, or who only transport small quantities of their products occasionally.


If you usually send small quantities overseas or you receive merchandise from there just once in a while, or you are planning your next step expansion, then please click here.


On this page of our website, The Rüdinger Truck Company introduces its service package for experienced dialog and cooperation partners.


Firstly Rüdinger is prepared to perfection for special requirements and very time efficient solutions with its office at Stuttgart Airport.

Air Cargo With Rüdinger in Keywords


The Rüdinger Truck Company is one of the market leaders in Europe.

For the Hohenlohe Region and Tauberfranken, Rüdinger is the perfect truck company for freight import at Stuttgart Airport.

Home to Home Service Worldwide.

Rüdinger has its office at Stuttgart Airport: There are several advantages, which are listed down on the page.

Rüdinger offers split charter and full charter.

We ship air cargo from Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Munich in Germany, but also from London, Zurich, and Amsterdam in Europe.

We cooperate with reliable logistics partners at all German airports as well as at several airports in bordering Europe.

Of course, Rüdinger offers E-Logistics Services.

Our Air Cargo Office in Stuttgart – Your Advantage in Germany


The Rüdinger Truck Company does not only clear goods, but they archive all custom relevant files.

With that, clients profit from several advantages when there is a possible customs check.

As we are accustomed to your goods, we can attach the merchandise tariff numbers. For that reason, a correct tariff in the customs declaration is guaranteed. With that procedure taken care of, further inquiry is reduced to a minimum.

Uncomplicated handling of possible freight rates, respectively additional terminal costs plus possible securities (Customs fees).

Prevention of unnecessary storage fees with fast and precise customs clearance.

In the case of missing customs relevant documents, merchandise can be transferred to our storage in Krautheim: This is substantially cheaper than leaving your goods in a supplier's storage at Stuttgart Airport.


Rüdinger Experts Regarding Air Cargo


Your contact person at Stuttgart airport

Vasilios Papavramidis

Phone: +49 6294 908-186

Head of department


Martina Kainz

Phone: +49 6294 908-48

Your contact person at Stuttgart airport

Alexander Pflüger


Phone: +49 6294 908-187


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