Rüdinger Firmensitz Ruedinger Headquarters

Uferweg 12

74238 Krautheim

Telefon: +49 (0) 6294 / 908 - 0
Telefax: +49 (0) 6294 / 9239
E-Mail: see-luft(at)ruedinger.de

Unser Airport Office (STR)

Our Airport Office (STR)

Building 605 Room 4321
70629 Stuttgart-Airport

Telefon +49 (0) 711 / 948 - 2290

Zweigstelle Hamburg

Hamburg Branch

An den Birken 20

21266 Jesteburg

Telefon: +49 (0) 4181 / 23 23 320
Telefax: +49 (0) 4181 / 23 23 317

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Ruedinger Sea Freight XXL – We Are the Specialists


The Ruedinger Truck Company offers individual services for two groups of customers. On the one hand, Ruedinger is your reliable partner, if you ship large quantities overseas. We cooperate with partners, and you can expect the highest standard of care.


On the other hand - and here we get especially involved too - we accompany enterprises that have not yet shipped overseas, plus companies which only want to deliver small quantities to other continents. In this case, please click here.


As different as the requirements that these two groups might have, Ruedinger offers a perfect service in any case.


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Sea Freight with Ruedinger in every country on Earth: No challenge for our experts.

Sea Freight with Ruedinger in Keywords


We find you the fastest connection.

Ruedinger offers favorable cargo rates.

Vendor Managed Inventory VMI is the strength of our freight forwarding company.

Ruedinger offers a flexible adjustment of tangented rendering of services

We advise on the subject of packaging, insurance, and documentation.

With Ruedinger you can optimize your Supply Chain Management.

We offer worldwide Door-to-Door Service.

We offer Full Container Service (FCL) + General Cargo Transportation (LCL).

We offer Consolidated Containers (CCS - NVOCC-Service).

With Ruedinger you can load conventionally or by Ro-Ro.

We offer Short Sea Loads.

Ruedinger is a specialist in Speciality Loading and Project Loading.

Of course, we offer E-Logistics Services.

Your Specialists at Ruedinger Freight Forwarder


Head of department


Martina Kainz

Phone.: +49 6294 908-48

Fax: +49 6294 908-748

martina.kainz (at) ruedinger.de

Your contact person at our Hamburg Branch

Vincent von Bloh

Phone: +49 4181 23233-21


vincent.vonbloh (at) ruedinger.de

Your contact person at our Hamburg Branch

Thomas Schierholz

Phone: +49 4181 23233-20


thomas.schierholz (at) ruedinger.de

Your contact person in Krautheim

Lisa Kappes


Phone: +49 6294 908-62


lisa.kappes (at) ruedinger.de

Your contact person in Krautheim

Mario Appel


Phone: +49 6294 908-32


mario.appel (at) ruedinger.de


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